Happee Pants

Better Choices for a Happee Baby!

Perfect for active babies who are just learning to crawl and move about. Happee pants will give them the independence to explore their surroundings.

6 Reasons to be Happee!

1 Airy Backsheets

Offers more comfort by effectively releasing excess heat and moisture

2 Superb Absorption

Keeps the insides of the pants comfortably dry, minimising risk of rashes and irritation

3 Wearable All Day Long

Stays snug even for active babies, keeping them protected throughout the day

4 Flexible Waistband

Ensures no discomfort or tightness around the waist and fits comfortably to babyโ€™s physique

5 Ultra Comfort Sheets

Highly breathable materials ensure all day comfort while also staying gentle on babyโ€™s skin

6 Powerful Leak Guards

Saves hassle of frequent cleanups and allows your child to roam in comfort and safety

Whoopee Diaper Size and Weight Chart

Whoopee Diaper Table

How to wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants

Stretch out the diaper's waistband by putting your hands through its leg-openings.

Gently pull out your baby's legs from the inside.

Adjust the diaper according to your baby's comfort. Remember to leave the leg gathers outside.

To remove, tear off the seams on both sides. Then remove diaper and dispose it.

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