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Happee Pants

Better Choices for a Happee Baby!

Perfect for active babies who are just learning to crawl and move about. Happee pants will give them the independence to explore their surroundings.

6 Reasons to be Happee!

1 Airy Backsheets

Ensures comfort by effectively releasing moisture and heat

2 Superb Absorption

Ensures that the inside of the nappy is always dry and comfortable, as well as reducing the risk of rashes and irritation

3 Wearable All Day Long

Stay snug and secure all day long even when baby is actively moving

4 Flexible Waistband

Ensures the comfort of the diaper around the waist to match the shape of the baby’s body and not to be too tight

5 Ultra Comfort Sheets

The use of breathable material ensures comfort throughout the day and is soft on the baby’s skin

6 Powerful Leak Guards

Comes with exceptional leak protection feature for baby to move around comfortably

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How to wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants

For Lying Baby

Wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants-1

Stretch out the diaper's waistband by putting your hands through its leg-openings.

Wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants-2

Gently pull out your baby's legs from the inside.

Wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants-3

Adjust the diaper according to your baby's comfort. Remember to leave the leg gathers outside.

Wear & remove Whoopee Happee Pants-4

To remove, tear off the seams on both sides. Then remove diaper and dispose it.

For Standing Baby

How-to-wear-and remove-For-standing-baby-1

Put on the diaper just like wearing an underwear.

How-to-wear-and remove-For-standing-baby-2

Pull up the diaper to comfortably fit your baby's body. Make sure leg guards are not folded inside.

How-to-wear-and remove-For-standing-baby-3

To remove, tear off the seams on both sides. Then remove the diaper and dispose it.

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